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An important recent trend in the development of neighborhoods is the focus on protecting the environment and employing “green” building practices. Community developers have utilized new techniques for clearing and preparing the land while preserving as much of the natural habitat as possible. New home builders who specialize in “green building” practices are constructing more energy efficient homes and using eco-friendly materials- all with the goal of minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment. Master-planned communities in all regions of the country are now featuring green spaces where buyers enjoy the preserve-view property and the knowledge that their community is helping to preserve the land it’s built upon.

‘Conservation development’ is an approach for development that seeks to protect and preserve natural resources from the impacts of development. Homes, roads, and infrastructure are clustered together, allowing the most sensitive ecological and natural features to be protected in perpetuity. Typically, each homeowner has access to all of the open space areas, which are permanently preserved by a conservation easement -a restrictive covenant forbidding any type of development at any time in the future. The community’s developer benefits from the lower infrastructure costs and the homeowners can benefit from a greater sense of community and access to acres of protected land to be preserved forever. This style of environmentally sensitive planning can also protect against flooding, protect wildlife habitats and preserve water quality.

Another common form of conservation is known as ‘sustainable development’, which combines conservation development and low impact development to consider how sites and buildings affect natural resources and the surrounding environment. An example of a sustainable development project would include energy-efficient homes and the use of recycled and non-toxic materials in construction.

See how nature’s beauty can be preserved and enjoyed responsibly at’ collection of environmentally sensitive neighborhoods.

Corona Ranch
 New Mexico Green Homesname= Corona Ranch
Corona, New Mexico Green Homes

Just a short drive from New Mexico’s major cities, Corona Ranch affords owners another world surrounded by breathtaking views and wide open terrain reminiscent of a by-gone era. Large homesteads with environmentally sensitive building envelopes encourage preservation and stewardship. The community is about living in the Southwest with its rich heritage and diverse culture and draws neighbors who share a common bond over their love of the land. °

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Berrenda Creek Ranch
 New Mexico Green Homesname= Berrenda Creek Ranch
Hillsboro, New Mexico Green Homes

Located in the foothills of the Mimbres and Black Ranges, just 15 miles from Hillsboro, New Mexico, Berrenda Creek Ranch has been developed to offer ranch-style living for those potential buyers seeking environmentally sensitive building envelopes. This working cattle ranch borders 3.2 million acres of public land and national forest that will never be developed, thus assuring residents with magnificent, unobstructed views. °

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Tesuque Valley
 New Mexico Green Homesname= Tesuque Valley
Santa Fe, New Mexico Green Homes

Located just minutes north of Santa Fe in Los Caminitos, an exclusive subdivision in the foothills above the Tesuque Valley, is Lot 74–C. °

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