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The largest city in Hillsborough County as well as its county seat, Tampa is the third largest city in Florida. Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida, 200 miles from Miami and 180 miles from Jacksonville. The subtropical climate with balmy summers and mild winters entices Florida real estate buyers to explore the area’s master-planned communities and amenities. Two of Florida’s most populous cities, Tampa and St. Petersburg, have become a hotspot for high-tech company growth and research facilities. While experiencing such phenomenal growth, the area reflects a mosaic of different cultures and influences making it a dynamic urban area dedicated to creating and maintaining greenways and parks that ensure a high quality of life.

First explored by Spaniard, Ponce de Leon in 1513, the Tampa area has as diverse a history as the people that settled there. Once Florida was acquired from Spain, the US Army understanding the strategic importance of Tampa Bay constructed Fort Brooke and with the region secure, Henry B. Plant built a railroad along the Hillsborough River. Mr. Plant saw the tourist potential and built luxury hotels to draw visitors to the Bay area. That same attention to detail remains today which is evident in the planned communities that abound throughout the region. Prior to the Civil War, Robert E. Lee was in charge of building a canal that would connect the east and west coasts of Florida. Once the war started the project was deserted until the Great Depression when it was revived as a government works project. Finally abandoned by the federal government, the strip of land was turned over to the state in 1990. This greenway has become a major achievement for supporters of environmental stewardship. By the 1880’s, phosphate mining helped make Tampa one of the largest ports in Florida, an honor it still holds today. Historically, the region is well known for merging both growth and protection of the environment.

Tampa has grown into a multi-cultural, diverse business center with sustainable communities for its citizens. People of all ages arrive here to escape the worries and winters, see well Tampa Florida planned communities and decide to stay. The miles of white sand beaches with rolling dunes provide ideal locations for waterfront properties while the groves of live oak hammocks with moss-draped branches have been carefully developed into championship golf communities and equestrian estates. Citizens benefit from a great working environment between government, business and its citizens. With so many resources, the region’s economy is diverse with tourism, agriculture, construction, finance, health care and technology.

Those living in the Tampa-St. Petersburg region have committed themselves to developing greenways and encouraging environmentally sound building practices. The Cross Florida Greenway offers residents a multitude of potential activities. Hikers, bikers, and horseback riders have been working to carve out trails along the mile-wide corridor and many community activities are planned around the space. The Florida Trail Association sees greenway lands as crucial to establishing a “western wilderness” route for the trail. The Town and Country Greenway Park in Tampa is a popular path and park for walks or bike rides running along the Hillsborough River. For people seeking an active lifestyle the region is unsurpassed in opportunities.

Whether interested in retirement properties, active lifestyle communities or waterfront living, the Tampa region is a coexistence of quaint historic villages with sleek skyscrapers. The region’s popularity is evidence of its ability to reconcile rich history with modern-day development while protecting the fragile marine eco-system that comprises much of the landscape.